4-pcs Mini Circlip Pliers

 9.50 + VAT

SKU: 20916


Have you ever struggled to find or didn’t have the pliers to bend, hold or cut something back into shape? Pliers are the perfect tool in which to manipulate the smallest of objects in the tightest of spaces with less force and strain put on your hands. One tool that no household or tool bag should be without is a pair or set of pliers, a tool that should form the basis of any tool collection. No matter who you are, eventually a time will come when you will need to hold an object firmly either for bending or for cutting. This set supplies you with pliers that can be used for most jobs too tricky with just your hands. An ideal set for all tradesmen and certainly for anyone who is looking to build on, or start a tool collection for the garage or workshop.This set of pliers have been manufactured from chrome molybdenum steel with vinyl coated grips to provide the strength and grip needed to bend, cut and manipulate different materials. They are sprung loaded for precise movement and control in tight working areas. This set includes internal straight pliers, internal 45 degree pliers, external straight pliers and external 45 degree pliers, tip size is 0.38 and the overall length is 75mm.

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