Balance Shaft Removal & Installation Kit for JLR 2.0L Diesel

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SKU: WT04A1085D


Balance Shaft Removal & Installation Kit for JLR 2.0L Diesel

Balance shaft removal & installation kit for JLR 2.0L diesel by Toolwarehouse. Designed to allow the safe removal, fitting and timing of the gear-driven balance shaft on the Jaguar Land Rover AJ200 2.0L diesel engines. The kit contains all the essential components to enable the balance shafts to be aligned when reassembling the components.

  • For removal, refitting and setting the balance shafts.
  • Applications include: Jaguar E-Pace (from 2017), F-Pace (2016 – 2020), XE (2015 – 2020), XF (2015 – 2020); Land Rover Discovery (from 2017), Discovery Sport (2015 – 2019), Range Rover Evoque (2015 – 2019), Range Rover Sport (2016 – 2018) and Range Rover Velar (from 2017).
  • Engine codes include: 2.0L Diesel, AJ20/204DT, AJ20/204DTA, AJ-200D/204DT, AJ-200D, AJ-200D/204DTA, 204DTA and AJ-200/204DTD.
  • Equivalent to OEM JLR-303-1662, JLR-303-1663-1, JLR-303-1663-2, JLR-303-1663-3, JLR-303-1664 and JLR-303-1665.
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