Bench Grinder 250W


SKU: BG20-200


Bench Grinder 250W

Bench Grinder 250W suitable for fine and coarse grinding. This way, you can carry out with this machine the most varied grinding jobs, in a fast and easy way, and your bits, screw drivers and scrapers keep their best shape. The grinder can easily be mounted on a workbench and it is provided with a dust proof switch for a long life span.

Suitable for grinding finer materials such as knives and scissors. In addition to that, this stone has the same possibility as the stone on the left, with the advantage that it is a wider and finer stone, which makes fine grinding possible.


  • Voltage 220-240V/50-60Hz 250W
  • No-load speed:2950rpm
  • Cutting disc size:200×20×16mm
  • Acc contents2pcs Blade holder/2pcs Eyeshield bracket
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