Flow Meter and Adaptor Set

 69.00 + VAT

SKU: WT04A3024D
  • For use on up to 6 Injectors.
  • Measures the amount of fuel the injectors return to the deposit tank.
  • It can identify damaged or clogged injectors quickly and easily
  • Direct measurement of return flow of the injector, using external flow meter.
  • 24 adaptors for Bosch-01, Siemens-02, Denso-03 and Delphi injectors.


Flow Meter and Adaptor Set

Flow meter and adaptor set for common rail is a necessary tool for every garage shop.

A damaged Diesel injector is often the reason for having problems with your engine. This is because the fuel flow for each injector is no longer conform. With this kit you can determine/detect the “leakage oil rate” via the supplied tube fluid measures or by means of the bottle tubes in case of lack of space in the engine compartement . This simple comparison test allows you to detect damaded injectors at an early stage.

The connection tubes are installed on an aluminium strip including hooks and can be hung while measuring in the engine compartment.

The Set is designed for testing engines with up to 6 common rails injection nozzles of the following manufacturers :

• Bosch solenoid valve
• Delphi solenoid valve
• Denso solenoid valve
• Siemens VDO Piezo valve

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