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VAG Diesel engine timing tool

VAG Diesel engine timing tool by Toolwarehouse.

  • The installation and adjustment of phases timing and cylinder head assembly.
  • Applicable: VW diesel engines of 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.7 / 3.0 liters (injection system Common Rail), as well as engines system TDI PD 1.9.

Technical Details

Crankshaft fixing tool like OEM VAG 3242
Bolt for locking the injection pump pulley to use injection pump locking mandrel like OEM 3359 (2 pieces)
Adapter for crankshaft, facilitates rotation of crankshaft at e.g.
Check the timing to use as OEM VAG T40058 type 1
Crankshaft adapter to use as OEM VAG T40049 Type 2
Camshaft lock to use as OEM VAG T40060
Crankshaft adapter to use as OEM VAG T40061
Camshaft locking to use as OEM VAG T40062
Pin diameter 3.3 mm for the hydraulic piston (2 pieces)
Crankshaft locking tool to use like OEM VAG T10050
V-belt tensioner as OEM VAG T10115
tool to attach the belt tensioner like OEM VAG T10060
crankshaft attachment tool such as OEM VAG T10100
camshaft holder like OEM VAG T40095
Catcher to use camshaft sprocket as OEM VAG T40096

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