Brake Disc & Tyre Depth Gauge

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SKU: LT-7635


Brake Disc & Tyre Depth Gauge

Brake Disc & Tyre Depth Gauge by Laser Tools. This brake disc caliper gauge is a compact and lightweight set of vernier calipers that also feature a tyre tread depth gauge, making them ideal for use as part of a vehicle safety check or inspection. The jaws have been designed to allow them to fit over any wear lip, or corroded edge, running around the outside of the disc allowing for an accurate measurement to be taken from the braking surface. It also features a jaw release mechanism that, when used with the clamping screw, allows for the reading to be retained when removing the calipers from the brake disc.

  • Vernier style disc measuring tool combined with depth gauge; 0 – 60mm range.
  • Clamping screw to easily retain reading.
  • Special Jaw release mechanism allows reading of the brake disc to be retained without releasing the clamping screw.
  • Compact size allows for access in tight spaces.
  • Lightweight 40g.
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