Brake Drum/Disc Lathe Machine

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SKU: C9335A


Brake Drum/Disc Lathe Machine

Brake Drum/Disc lathe machine by Toolwarehouse. The disc drum brake lathe machine is mainly used for boring and repairing the brake drum and plate for cars and trucks. The machine’s horizontal structure, low center of gravity makes it easy for clamping. With a variable speed control without step, easy to operate, easy to repair, on the safe side.

The beauty of our brake lathes is that they’re as easy to use as they are durable in the busiest shops. The super-duty cast-iron design is paired with the most precise ground components, as well as giant “floating spindles,” all of which make up one of the best pieces of shop equipment on the market.

Main specifications:

  • Brake disc diameter 160-350mm(6.3″-13.78″)
  • Max. brake disc thickness 40mm (5″)
  • Brake drum outer diameter 180-350mm (7″-13.78″)
  • Working stroke 100mm (3.9″)
  • Spindle speed 75/130rpm
  • Feeding rate 0.15mm (0.0059″)
  • Motor 1.1kW
  • Gross weight 230kg
  • Overall dimensions820×650×840mm

*limited availability

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