Insulated Pick Up Tool 1000V

 39.00 + VAT

SKU: LT-7758


Insulated Pick Up Tool 1000V

Insulated Pick Up Tool 1000V by Laser Tools. Flexible, insulated pick up tool ideal for reaching into difficult access areas, with 4 claws able to firmly grab and hold small fixings. A useful toolbox addition for technicians working on hybrid/EV vehicles, or electricians to provide additional safety.

  • Insulated pick up tool for safely picking up parts near live circuits.
  • Length: 24 inch (610mm); 11mm diameter flexible shaft.
  • Insulated up to 1000 volts.
  • Spring loaded button to operate the 4 hook claw.
  • NOTE: Use with caution. While the operator is fully insulated from the working end of the tool, any metal object being picked up can still short across live circuits.
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