Ratchet Type Modular Plug Crimping Tool


SKU: 20831


Product Description

Wire and cable crimpers or strippers are specialist tools, which are used as a way of preparing wires to be connected to connectors or terminals without the use of solder. Crimpers are tools which are used as a way of attaching wires (crimping) to connectors or terminals without the use of solder. The connectors are used to terminate the stripped ends of wires and each has a different purpose. They allow you to easily connect and disconnect the wires to screw terminals. Crimp connections are preferred because they are easier, cheaper and quicker to reproduce reliable connections in large scale production. It is also safer than using solder as that can be toxic. Crimping tools such as these are specialist tools that are mainly used by technicians in the telecommunication and network industries. They would also be perfect tools for electricians or for anyone who works with wiring on a day to day basis, you never know when you will have problems with wiring and need to fix loose ends that need to be cleanly attached.The RJ45 eight position crimp tool can be used for keyed and non keyed modular plugs, excluding AMP.
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