Rotary Coax Cable Stripper

 5.00 + VAT

SKU: 20850


Product Description

Cable cutting can be a very tricky task especially if there are a lot of cables and you have to be quick and accurate with your stripping. How many times have you tried to strip a cable with a pair of scissors or a craft knife and struggled to get a clean cut, this isn’t just dangerous for your safety but you will no doubt waste more cable than is necessary. With the Rolson 20850 rotary coax cable stripper your cuts will be consistently quick, clean and safe without wasting expensive cabling.Cable strippers such as these are specialist tools that are used for removing the outer and inner surroundings of wires. These are mainly used by electricians and technicians in the telecommunication or network industry. If you find yourself stripping cables on a regular basis then this is definitely worth having for your tool bag. It is designed to simultaneously remove the inner and outer sheath of co-axial cables, which include the following RG6, RG58, RG59 and RG65. There are clear markings on the side of the stripper to indicate what length strip you will get, an Allen key is provided as well.
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