Spanner Extension Wrench

 39.00 + VAT

SKU: LT-6745


Spanner Extension Wrench

Spanner Extension Wrench by Laser Tools. Turns a spanner into a power bar. The extension wrench firmly grips the shaft of the spanner to extend the leverage and exert a greater force on the fastener. Universal design, can be used with spanners, socket wrenches and hex keys. Ideal for freeing rusty, tight or seized nuts and fasteners even in confined or hard to reach areas. The extension wrench is manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and is fully polished and chrome plated for solid, reliable use.

  • Provides extra leverage to loosen rusty, tight or seized fasteners in hard to reach areas.
  • Long length (385mm) for plenty of leverage.
  • Universal head can be used with any spanner, socket wrench or hex key.
  • Quality tool manufactured from chrome vanadium with polished finish.
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