Sockets, 1/2″, 10-22 mm, long

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SKU: K 26073


Sockets, 1/2″, 10-22 mm, long

Sockets, 1/2″, 10-22 mm, long by Kamasa Tools. These high quality tool sets have been developed in collaboration with dedicated mechanics with high demands on tools. These high quality tool sets will expand your range and help you keep them organized.

Basic item
K 22032
Socket, 1/2″, 10mm, long
K 22033
Socket, 1/2″, 11mm, long
K 22034
Socket, 1/2″, 12mm, long
K 22035
Socket, 1/2″, 13mm, long
K 22036
Socket, 1/2″, 14mm, long
K 22037
Socket, 1/2″, 15mm, long
K 22038
Socket, 1/2″, 16mm, long
K 22039
Socket, 1/2″, 17mm, long
K 22040
Socket, 1/2″, 18mm, long
K 22041
Socket, 1/2″, 19mm, long
K 22042
Socket, 1/2″, 20mm, long
K 22043
Socket, 1/2″, 21mm, long
K 22044
Socket, 1/2″, 22mm, long
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