Their mission is to make a product that transforms home auto care into the dream-hobby it should be. People love getting dirty under cars, but too many wrenchers have to deal with pain-in-the-ass tools that aren’t completely safe, cost a fortune to replace and wear you out year-after-year. There are things they so-called “gearheads” have been doing for so long they don’t even stop to ask why anymore.

Well hold up, because QuickJack is asking. It doesn’t matter your age, income bracket or square footage of available workspace: QuickJack is meant for everyone. It’s safe, too. Much safer than floor jacks and stands, and it’s built by the people who make the world’s best-selling car lifts, BendPak. So they know a thing or two about safety and reliability.

Car repair is who they are. It’s in their blood, and they have a story to tell. BendPak has over 50 years of experience in the trade, so it’s going to be here when you have a question, need service or just want to ask them about new, up-and-coming tech in the auto world. Things are changing fast, and together, BendPak and QuickJack are staying ahead of the curve. In fact, right now they’re so far ahead, except for the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, there’s really no one else in sight.