38L RAR Bead Booster®

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38L RAR Bead Booster®

38L RAR Bead Booster® by Gaither Tools. The most powerful bead seater in our arsenal. It comes equipped with the same Rapid Air Release valve as the famous BEAD BAZOOKA® giving it the ability to seat almost any tire.

It also utilizes our specially designed Jet-Assist Barrel that creates a dramatic Venturi Effect, drawing in extra air and forcing it into the tire cavity, providing even more Bead Seating power.

Intended for large agricultural and commercial tires, the 38L RAR BEAD BOOSTER® can handle anything you throw at it.

  • The tank is CE/ASME certified
  • Lightweight aluminum tank
  • RAR valve with trigger release
  • Internal proprietary coating protects against rust
COVERED BY ONE OR MORE U.S. PATENTS, INCLUDING: PAT. 10,800,216  PAT. 10,800,215  PAT. 10,759,238  PAT. 10,266,019  PAT. 8,752,604  PAT. 9,033,306  PAT. 9,822,893  PAT. 9,649,897
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