4-pcs sds chisel set

 16.00 + VAT

SKU: 26499


A chisel is a tool with a shaped cutting edge blade at one end which is used to carve or cut hard material such as wood, stone or metal. A chisel is used by forcing it through material to cut it. There are many different types of chisel each specially suited for its intended use.SDS (special direct system) drills are extremely powerful and used when extra power is needed. These drills have three basic functions, which can be changed by altering the position of a lever, to allow normal drilling, a hammer action and chiselling. SDS drills hold larger diameter drill bits than the 13mm limit of normal drills.There are a range of different chisels that are available for SDS drills. Included in this set is a gauge chisel which is used particularly for woodworking and sculpture to carve small pieces from a workpiece. Gauge chisels generally have a U shaped cross –section. The pointed chisel in this set would be best used for chipping away at holes or removing material from difficult areas.The SDS chisel set has been manufactured for specifically for use with SDS hammer drills and consists of a groove or gouge chisel, a point chisel and two flat chisels of 20 and 40mm each of 250mm.

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