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Breaker bars

 16.00 19.00 + VAT
Breaker bars Breaker bars by Kamasa Tools. With through-blade of alloy steel. Two-component grip with impact protected top. Bent, chisel
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Automatic center punch

SKU: K 550
 15.00 + VAT
Automatic center punch Automatic center punch by Kamasa Tools, with adjustable force, max. 36 kg. Marks the workpiece with a
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4pcs HSS-G Multi Drill Set

SKU: WT21F011807
 17.00 + VAT
4pcs HSS-G Multi Drill Set 4pcs HSS-G Multi Drill Set by Toolwarehouse. Material: HSS-G-steel, with cobalt coating Step drill 4
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2pcs Nut Splitter Set

SKU: M243-Z-3
 19.00 + VAT
2pcs Nut Splitter Set 2pcs Nut Splitter Set by Mannesmann Tools. Suitable for splitting and removing rusty broken, damaged, corroded,
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7pcs Wood Carving Tool Set

SKU: 66107
 49.00 + VAT
7pcs Wood Carving Tool Set 7pcs Wood Carving Tool Set by Mannesmann Tools. 6 Straight Carving Chisels: 2 Flat 6mm
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200mm Engineering File Set

SKU: M61006
 22.00 + VAT
200mm Engineering File Set 200mm Engineering File Set by Mannesmann tools, ideal for processing workpieces. Made of high quality carbon
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10pcs Woodworking Set

SKU: M54320
 15.00 + VAT
10pcs Woodworking Set 10pcs Woodworking Set by Mannesmann Tools. Wood drill bits 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm 1 milling
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HSS Drill Bit Set 19pcs

SKU: M54319
 55.00 + VAT
HSS Drill Bit Set 19pcs HSS Drill Bit Set 19pcs by Mannesmann Tools. High heat resistance, long service life With
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Professional SDS Drill Set

SKU: M54306
 15.00 + VAT
Professional SDS Drill Set Professional SDS Drill Set by Mannesmann Tools. Made of special alloy steel Milled grooves Soldered carbide
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Power scissors, straight

SKU: K 4709
 14.00 + VAT
Power scissors, straight Power scissors, straight by Kamasa Tools, with rubberized shanks for both right-hand and left-hand use. Also cuts
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SKU: GS-F22/125-1H
 7.50 + VAT
GS-F22/125-1H ABRASIVE DISK GS-F22/125-1H Abrasive disc by Worcraft tools. Diameter: 125mm Bore:22.2mm Body Thickness: 1.0mm T42 center depressed 2 nets
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Twist Knot Wire Wheel

SKU: 24367
 5.50 + VAT
Twist Knot Wire Wheel Twist Knot Wire Wheel by Rolson Tools. 100mm Diameter with M14 thread Max 12500 rpm For
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400pc Rotary Tool Accessory Kit

SKU: 59240
 19.00 + VAT
400pc Rotary Tool Accessory Kit 400pc Rotary Tool Accessory Kit by Rolson Tools. Contains all popular tools for drilling, polishing,
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38pc Drill Bit Set

SKU: 48440
 9.50 + VAT
38pc Drill Bit Set 38pc Drill Bit Set by Rolson Tools 9Pc HSS drill bit: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5,
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6pcs Pin Punch set

SKU: M65410
 19.00 + VAT
6pcs Pin Punch set 6pcs Pin Punch set by Mannesmann Tools are drop forged from heat treated chrome vanadium steel. Ideal
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Carbide Impact Hole Bore Set

SKU: M44230
 39.00 + VAT
Carbide Impact Hole Bore Set Carbide Impact Hole Bore Set suitable for tiles, bricks, clinker and concrete, tungsten carbide tipped,
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16pc Holesaw Set

SKU: 58139
 9.00 + VAT
16pc Holesaw Set 16pc Holesaw Set by Rolson Tools. Cuts smooth, clean, accurate holes up to 25 mm thick through
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4pcs Contractor Holesaw Set

SKU: 58124
 9.50 + VAT
4pcs Contractor Holesaw Set 4pcs Contractor Holesaw Set by Rolson Tools Made of hardened steel The hole saws are supplied
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8pcs Hole Saw set HSS

SKU: M44100
 45.00 + VAT
 8pcs Hole Saw set HSS 8pcs Hole Saw set HSS by Mannesmann Tools Germany. Hole saws are bi-metal high-quality 2
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9pcs Down Light Installers Set

SKU: 58143
 25.00 + VAT
9pcs Down Light Installers Set 9pcs Down Light Installers Set by Rolson Tools, is used with a drill and has
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Ceiling/Lighting Hole Cutter

SKU: 48508
 55.00 + VAT
  • For use with most variable speed drills.
  • Cuts plywood, plasterboard,aluminium and more
  • Sturdy construction with transparent cowl to retain flying debris whilst drilling
  • Supplied with pilot drill and hexagon key for eassy radius adjustment
  • Max drilling speed 1800RPM
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11pcs Mansonary Drill Set

SKU: M12587
 39.00 + VAT
11pcs Mansonary Drill Set 11pcs Mansonary Drill Set for drilling masonry, concrete, stone and clinker with special coupling tool. Sizes: 5x100mm, 6x110mm, 6x160mm, 8x160mm, 10x160mm,
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6pcs Needle File set

SKU: 24615
 5.95 + VAT
6pcs Needle File set 6pcs Needle File set ideal for hobby and detailed work in tight areas. 6 x 140mm Needle
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SDS Piece Drill Bit Set

SKU: M50103
 35.00 + VAT
SDS Piece Drill Bit Set SDS Piece Drill Bit Set from Brüder Mannesmann consists of 3 drill bits which are suitable
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