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Brake Disc & Tyre Depth Gauge

SKU: LT-7635
 26.00 + VAT
Brake Disc & Tyre Depth Gauge Brake Disc & Tyre Depth Gauge by Laser Tools. This brake disc caliper gauge
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Seal & O-ring Remover

SKU: WT0170329
 10.00 + VAT
Seal & O-ring Remover Seal & O-ring Remover allows an easy removal of seals and o‐rings without damaging the seal or
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4pcs Spring Hook and Pick Set

 6.50 + VAT
4pcs Spring Hook and Pick Set 4pcs Spring Hook and Pick Set by Rolson Tools Stainless steel construction is rust
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4pcs Wax Carver Chisel Set

SKU: 59130
 4.50 + VAT
4pcs Wax Carver Chisel Set 4pcs Wax Carver Chisel Set by Rolson Tools. Carvers suitable for carving and shaping soft
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6pcs Electronics Tweezers

SKU: 59102
 7.90 + VAT
6pcs Electronics Tweezers 6pcs Electronics Tweezers by Rolson Tools Manufactured from epoxy-coated stainless steel Specially designed for electronic and semi
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4pc Tweezers Set

SKU: 60454
 4.50 + VAT
4pc Tweezers Set 4pc Tweezers Set by Rolson Tools Consisting of long straight, curved, spade and self closing Ideal for
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Divider Spring Caliper

 5.50 + VAT
Divider Spring Caliper Divider Spring Caliper by Rolson Tools Solid Nut & Washer allows Fast & Positive Adjustment Spring is
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Outside Spring Caliper

SKU: 59166
 5.50 + VAT
Outside Spring Caliper Outside Spring Caliper by Rolson Tools. Solid nut & washer allows fast and positive adjustment Spring is
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300mm Combination Square

SKU: 50858
 8.50 + VAT
300mm Combination Square 300mm Combination Square by Rolson Tools Heavy duty die cast metal body Built in spirit level Brass
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300mm Combination Square Set

SKU: 50879
 14.00 + VAT
300mm Combination Square Set 300mm Combination Square Set by Rolson Tools Protractor cast metal stock with milled faces Brass screws
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4-Piece Ripping Chisel Set

SKU: M66104
 39.00 + VAT
4-Piece Ripping Chisel Set 4-Piece Ripping Chisel Set by Mannesmann Tools Consists of 4 different chisels, measuring between 8 –
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Wood Chisel Set

SKU: 195921
 7.00 + VAT
  • Size: 14mm, 16mm
  • Clear PVC handles with non slip design
  • Ideal for soft and hard wood
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Number Four Smoothing Plane

SKU: 56329
 25.00 + VAT
Number Four Smoothing Plane Number Four Smoothing Plane by Rolson Tools. No4 Smoothing Plane selected cast iron Precision ground 50mm
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230mm Hardwood Mort Gauge

SKU: 56669
 19.00 + VAT
230mm Hardwood Mort Gauge 230mm Hardwood Mort Gauge by Rolson Tools made from the finest hardwood, and enhanced with brass
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230mm Hardwood Sliding Level

SKU: 56759
 15.00 + VAT
230mm Hardwood Sliding Level 230mm Hardwood Sliding Level by Rolson Tools. 230mm (22.9cm) Hardwood Sliding Bevel Blued steel blade Fully
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5pc Mini Wood Working Set

SKU: 56900
 25.00 + VAT
5pc Mini Wood Working Set 5pc Mini Wood Working Set by Rolson Tools, ideal for carpenters and DIY enthusiasts. Specifications:
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Precision Vernier Caliper

SKU: M825-150
 16.00 + VAT
Precision Vernier Caliper Precision Vernier Caliper with lightweight construction. Prevents misalignment due to hand movements Material: stainless steel Measuring range: 0-150mm
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Eye loop with Head Band

SKU: 59202
 3.50 + VAT
Eye Loop with Head Band Eye loop with Head Band by Rolson Tools. 10x plastic eye loupe Ideal for watchmakers,
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Watch Case Opener

SKU: 59196
 8.50 + VAT
Watch Case Opener Watch Case Opener by Rolson Tools Adjusts easily to open most screw back type cases Knurled handle
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Micro Snip

SKU: 59213
 2.99 + VAT
Micro Snip Micro Snip ideal for cutting thread, elastic, leather and other soft textiles. Compact, sharp and easy to use
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Tapered Reamer

SKU: 34125
 6.95 + VAT
Tapered Reamer Tapered Reamer by Toolwarehouse. Manufactured from heat treated carbon steel Will cover holes from 3 – 12mm Useful
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