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Windscreen Repair Kit

SKU: LT-5198
 29.00 + VAT
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Wheel Brush Set 3pc

SKU: LT-5008
 12.00 + VAT
Wheel Brush Set 3pc Wheel Brush Set 3pc by Laser Tools. Set of three wheel brushes for cleaning all types
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Multi-Function Saw Set

SKU: M30140
 19.00 + VAT
Multi-Function Saw Set Multi-Function saw set by Mannesmann tools. 3 functions: hack saw; compass saw; glass cutter hack saw with
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F-Clamp 80 x 600 mm

SKU: 14386
 9.95 + VAT
F-Clamp 80 x 600 mm F-Clamp 80 x 600 mm by Rolson Tools. 80 x 600mm F Clamp Metal Handle
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Safety Goggles

SKU: 60399
 5.90 + VAT
Safety Goggles Safety Goggles by Rolson Tools. Highly transparent lenses and fog-proof / scratch coating ensure that your vision is
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40mm Long Solid Steel Padlock

SKU: 66530
 3.30 + VAT
40mm Long Solid Steel Padlock 40mm Long Solid Steel Padlock by Rolson Tools. Solid Steel Padlock Solid steel body with
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Heavy Duty Spring Clamp

SKU: 61348
 3.50 + VAT
Heavy Duty Spring Clamp Heavy Duty Spring Clamp by Rolson Tools. Spring Clamp with movable jaws Ideal for hobby and
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4 Socket Workshop Extension

SKU: 60072
 19.00 + VAT
4 Socket Workshop Extension 4 Socket Workshop Extension by Rolson Tools. Individually switched 4 socket workshop extension lead Complete with
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Drain Cleaner 1800x6mm

SKU: 60969
 2.80 + VAT
Drain Cleaner 1800x6mm Drain Cleaner 1800x6mm by Rolson Tools. For clearing blocked waste pipes fully plated steel probe Integrated handle
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Multi Key Ring Holder

SKU: 60108
 2.00 + VAT
Multi Key Ring Holder Multi Key Ring Holder by Rolson Tools. Manufactured from zinc-alloy Complete with three sliding rings Can
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Security Cable and Lock

SKU: 66721
 4.83 + VAT
Security Cable and Lock Security Cable and Lock by Toolwarehouse. Manufactured with strong 3m x 4mm cable Complete with 30mm
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Retractable Key Ring

SKU: 60107
 3.15 + VAT
Retractable Key Ring Retractable Key Ring by Rolson Tools. Manufactured from chrome plated steel Dimensions 40 x 12mm Recoil braided
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LED Multi Function Magnifier

SKU: 60315
 3.00 + VAT
LED Multi Function Magnifier LED Multi Function Magnifier by Rolson Tools. 3 LED in head can be used as a
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2LED Magnifying Glasses

SKU: 60389
 14.50 + VAT
2LED Magnifying Glasses 2LED Magnifying Glasses by Rolson Tools. Lightweight frame with soft padding, fits over reading glasses. Can be
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Laser LED Ballpoint Pen

SKU: 35985
 4.95 + VAT
Laser LED Ballpoint Pen Laser LED Ballpoint Pen by Rolson Tools. 4 in 1 Stylus, Laser, LED & Ballpoint Pen
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Hands Free Magnifier

SKU: 60324
 7.95 + VAT
Hands Free Magnifier Hands Free Magnifier by Rolson Tools. Mains lens diameter 105mm, magnification X2, with the inset size 25mm,
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35kg Luggage Scale

 7.00 + VAT
35kg Luggage Scale 35kg Luggage Scale by Rolson Tools. Compact and lightweight luggage scales Dual dial lb’s/kg Maximum capacity 35kg,
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Compact Mechanical Timer

SKU: 60024
 12.00 + VAT
Compact Mechanical Timer Compact Mechanical Timer by Rolson Tools. 24 Hour Mechanical Timer Energy saving Great for home security purposes
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Wheel Brush

SKU: 42994
 2.00 + VAT
Wheel Brush Wheel Brush by Rolson Tools. Soft bristle brush with easy grip handle Cleans off brake dust and road
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Water Fed Hand Brush

SKU: 61017
 9.50 + VAT
Water Fed Hand Brush Water Fed Hand Brush with on/off water control and simple push on hose connector. Overall Length
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General Purpose Midi Hook

SKU: 60911
 4.95 + VAT
General Purpose Midi Hook General Purpose Midi Hook by Rolson tools. Measures 70 X 120Mm Rubber Coated to Provide Added
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Grey Nitrile Coated Work Gloves

SKU: 60636
 3.50 + VAT
Grey Nitrile Coated Work Gloves Grey Nitrile Coated Work Gloves Large coated and polyester knitted gloves, ventilated back. Size: 10
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XL Micro Fibre Towel

SKU: 42996
 6.95 + VAT
XL Micro Fibre Towel XL Micro Fibre Towel is a ultra soft non-abrasive microfibre cloth, will not scratch surfaces. Suitable
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3pc Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloths

SKU: 42984
 4.50 + VAT
3pc Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloths 3pc Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloths cleans & shine domestic surface without smearing. Green for kitchen & bathroom,
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