Clockmakers Tool Set

 29.00 + VAT

SKU: 11760



1 x watchmaker’s loupe
1 x Case opener for wristwatches and pocket with pressed soil
1 x Spring bar tool for quick removal and replacement of spring bars to watch wrists
1 x Pressing tool for metal wrists pins
1 x Case opener for watches with screw back
1 x fully adjustable universal tool with 6 different sets of hardened steel grippers for different floor constructions
1 x Spring Bar Assortment normal
1 x 1x assortment of battery clamps with screws
1 x Replacement blades for screwdriver
1 x O-ring seals for watches
1 x Plastic tweezers
1 x Tweezers with fine point (non-magnetic)
1 x Srewdriver Set
1 x 2x replaceable blades

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