Compression gauge, Diesel

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Compression gauge, Diesel

Compression gauge, Diesel by Kamasa. Complete set for compression test of Diesel engines. The set contains gauge with pressure relief valve, flexible hose, and adapters for different glow plugs.

Using the tool
1.  Run the engine until normal operating temperature is reached and then switch off.
2. Remove the glow plug or injector from the cylinder to be tested and replace it with the appropriate adaptor.
3. CRANK TEST: Crank the engine whilst observing the gauge, the indicator needle will rise in increasing steps until a maximum reading is obtained. Once this is achieved stop cranking.
RUNNING TEST: Start the engine and run at idle or preset rpm, according to the manufacturer’s technical data-then switch off.
4. Make a note of the gauge reading.
5. Once a reading has been taken, depress the gauge relief valve to release the pressure. Due to high pressure keep at arm’s length.
6. Remove the tester and adaptor and install on the next cylinder to be tested.
7. Repeat steps 2 to 7 until all cylinders have been tested. Compare the results to those published by the vehicle manufacturer.


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