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Fuel Injector Installer/Remover – for BMW N20, N26, N55

SKU: LT-7082
 98.00 + VAT
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Fuel Injector Installer/Remover – BMW N53-S63

SKU: LT-7084
 139.00 + VAT
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Intermediate Lever Remover/Installer Kit

SKU: LT-7120
 525.00 + VAT
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Fuel Injector Puller Kit – BMW B38

SKU: LT-7335
 325.00 + VAT
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Tool set for self-adjusting clutch (SAC)

SKU: K 10635
 395.00 + VAT
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Trim pad remover set 4 pcs

SKU: K 280
 29.00 + VAT
Trim pad remover set 4 pcs Trim pad remover set 4 pcs by Kamasa. Used to remove covers, trim, clips
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Compression gauge, gasoline

SKU: K 209
 149.00 + VAT
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Valve spring compressor, universal

SKU: K 216
 69.00 + VAT
Valve spring compressor, universal Valve spring compressor, universal by Kamasa Tools. Universal valve spring compressor for most engines. Width mm
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Macpherson Spring Compressor Tool Set

SKU: WT04B2001B
 189.00 + VAT
Macpherson Spring Compressor Tool Set Macpherson Spring Compressor Tool Set, compresses all styles of MacPherson front and rear coil springs.
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Hub Cleaning Tool Set 6pc

SKU: LT-7197
 55.00 + VAT
Hub Cleaning Tool Set 6pc Hub Cleaning Tool Set 6pc by Laser Tools. Ideal for removing corrosion from the hub
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PFI Injector Cleaner & Tester

 595.00 + VAT
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Bearing and seal driver set

SKU: K 212
 69.00 + VAT
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Wheel Bearing Tool Set

SKU: K 10204
 349.00 + VAT
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Smoke Leak Detector

SKU: WT02Z9111
 595.00 + VAT
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Master Common Rail High Pressure Tester

SKU: WT04A3100D
 390.00 + VAT
Master Common Rail High Pressure Tester Master common rail high pressure tester by Toolwarehouse that serves to check the high
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SKU: WT04B1019
 129.00 + VAT
18pcs Heavy Duty Wheel Hub Puller 18pcs Heavy duty wheel hub puller by Toolwarehouse. Remove wheel hubs, haft shafts, brake
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Assembly Lever – DSG Gearbox

SKU: LT-5164
 35.00 + VAT
Assembly Lever – DSG Gearbox Assembly Lever – DSG Gearbox by Laser Tools. Designed for DSG 7 speed dual clutch
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HT Lead Ignition Spark Tester

SKU: LT-2780
 16.00 + VAT
HT Lead Ignition Spark Tester HT Lead Ignition Spark Tester by Laser Tools. Set of four HT Lead Testers, allows
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Clutch Alignment Tool – Universal

SKU: LT-0314
 39.00 + VAT
Clutch Alignment Tool – Universal Clutch Alignment Tool – Universal by Laser Tools. Aligns the clutch disc when replacing the
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Seal puller

SKU: K10651
 18.00 + VAT
Seal puller Seal puller by Kamasa Tools. The tool makes removing seals so much easier. Two hook sizes and a
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Press and Pull Sleeve Kit

SKU: WT04B2031
 195.00 + VAT
  • Hardened and tempered for maximum durability
  • Reduces the possibility of damaging the bearing/suspension housings
  • Supplied with four stepped end plates and four force screws in carry-case
  • Blow moulded plastic case keeps all the tools organized and easy to transport
  • Plates and sleeves can also be used in a standard workshop press when in situ access isn't possible
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Inner Tie Rod Tool

SKU: WT04B3028
 49.00 + VAT
Inner Tie Rod Tool Inner Tie Rod Tool by Toolwarehouse. This set makes it easy to remove and re-install inner
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Body Shape Repair Machine

SKU: SG-8900
 995.00 + VAT
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