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60/40/20T Air Service Jack

SKU: GT6033
 1,750.00 + VAT
60/40/20T Air Service Jack 60/40/20T Air Service Jack by Gaither Tools. All GT models are rigorously tested and constructed to
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Heavy Duty Air Jack – 45/20T

SKU: GT4533
 1,295.00 + VAT
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12T Pin Type High reach Trestle

SKU: Y451206
 319.00 + VAT
12T Pin Type High reach Trestle 12T Pin Type High reach Trestle by Winntec. Heavy duty, high reach welded jack
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3T Pin Type Axle Stands Pair

SKU: Y452300
 69.00 + VAT
3T Pin Type Axle Stands Pair 3T Pin Type Axle Stands Pair by Winntec. Specification: Minimum Height: 322mm Maximum Height:
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20T Air/Manual Jack on Cart

SKU: Y432003
 398.00 + VAT
20T Air/Manual Jack on Cart 20T Air/Manual Jack on Cart by Winntec. Premium quality 20T air/manual bottle jack. These models
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Air Service Jack-Telescopic 32T

SKU: Y432032
 1,164.00 + VAT
Air Service Jack-Telescopic 32T Air Service Jack-Telescopic 32T by Winntec. Designed for high performance, ascending and descending safely with air
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Professional Garage Jack, 2 ton

SKU: K 21250
 495.00 + VAT
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1T Transmission Jack Combo

SKU: YL2001-S
 359.00 + VAT
1T Transmission Jack Combo 1T Transmission Jack Combo by Toolwarehouse.  The jack has four cast-iron swivel casters and an auxiliary
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Folding Shop Crane 2T

SKU: WT0180703-17
 259.00 + VAT
Folding Shop Crane 2T Folding Shop Crane 2T by Toolwarehouse. 2Ton lifting capacity Boom working range: 0-2350mm 6 wheels for
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Hydraulic Scissor Lifting Table

SKU: HMWT-1000
 1,295.00 + VAT
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Pneumatic Jack – 2 Tonne

SKU: LT-6530
 859.00 + VAT
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Pneumatic Jack Extended Height – 2 Tonne

SKU: LT-6531
 1,150.00 + VAT
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Clutch and Flywheel Jack 136kg – HGV

SKU: LT-7249
 880.00 + VAT
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Workshop Crane 1000kg

SKU: K 21260
 795.00 + VAT
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Transmission Jack, 750 kg

SKU: K 21253
 495.00 + VAT
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Motorcycle Lift 1000lbs

SKU: HF980041
 475.00 + VAT
Motorcycle Lift 1000lbs Motorcycle Lift 1000lbs with a  foot and pneumatic operated pump that allows for easy lifts, small or large,
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2000lbs Engine Stand

SKU: HF98036
 195.00 + VAT
2000lbs Engine Stand 2000lbs Engine Stand by Toolwarehouse is a heavy-duty all-steel engine stand folds compactly when not in use.
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0.5T Transmission Jack

SKU: WTEL05006
 359.00 + VAT
0.5T Transmission Jack 0.5T Transmission Jack by Toolwarehouse has a fully adjustable cradle with tie down chains. With the Jack
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Motorcycle Jack Stand

 159.00 + VAT
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2T Aluminum Floor Jack

SKU: T820010L
 295.00 + VAT
2T Aluminum Floor Jack 2T aluminum floor jack by Toolwarehouse with dual pump pistons for fast lifting. Capacity: 2 Ton
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3T Long Floor Jack

SKU: JR0302
 395.00 + VAT
3T Long Floor Jack 3T Long Floor Jack by Toolwarehouse with a high lift jack arm ideal when lifting a
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8Ton Long Ram Jack

SKU: WT22F010504
 75.00 + VAT
8Ton Long Ram Jack 8Ton Long Ram Jack by Toolwarehouse. Super heavy duty jack provides a wide 530mm stroke to
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500kg Engine Support

SKU: WT01K9025
 95.00 + VAT
500kg Engine Support 500kg Engine Support to accurately position engines during maintenance operations such as replacing anti-vibration mountings and certain
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