Oil Pan Thread Repair

 45.00 + VAT

SKU: WT04A5037D


Oil Pan Thread Repair

Oil Pan Thread Repair is a comprehensive thread repair kit ideal for repairing sump, gearbox and differential drain plug threads.

  • Used to tap the damaged thread slightly over size, then fit a new drain plug and washer supplied.
  • Set is suitable for the most popular threads used on cars and light commercial vehicles
  • 4pcs ST taps (CR-Mo Steel) : M13 M15 M17 M20
  • 20pcs plugs: 5xM13 , 5xM15, 5xM17, 5xM20 mm
  • 40pcs aluminium washers: 10×13 mm, 15mm, 17mm, 20mm
  • Suitable for Cars / Motorbikes / Trucks and Vans
  • Ideal for repairing sump/gearbox and different drain plug threads
  • Supplied in EVA professional case
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