Wheel Lock Nut Removal Set

 45.00 + VAT

SKU: WT01E6087


Wheel Lock Nut Removal Set

Wheel Lock Nut Removal Set by Toolwarehouse. 11-piece tapered 1/2″D socket set for removing wheel locking nuts, where the original key is missing and/or the wheel nut is damaged. Suitable for tire fitting bays and garages.

  • 8 x conical dismantling sockets; length 60mm.
  • Inner diameters: 18.5 – 15.6mm, 19.5 – 17.6mm, 20.4 – 18.5mm, 21.6 – 19.7mm, 22.5 – 20.6mm, 23.6 – 21.7mm, 24.5 – 22.6mm, 25.5 – 23.6mm.
  • Air hammer adapter allows use of the Laser 6031 air hammer if required.
  • Manual fitting tool and removal punch.
  • Driven using a power bar. Manufactured from Chrome Molybdenum.
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