Tool Kit for Couplings

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SKU: K 10639


Tool Kit for Couplings

Tool Kit for Couplings by Kamasa Tools. Consists of tools for removing tube couplings on air conditioning, fuel and lubrication systems on European, American and Asian cars. Ideal for separating standard sizes of automotive fuel lines, air conditioning lines, oil cooler lines, radiator and heater hoses.

The fuel line removal tool includes:

  • 6-piece aluminum AC fuel line disconnect tools(champagne 5/16’’, blue 3/8’’, gold 1/2’’, green 5/8’’, black 3/4’’, red 7/8’’)
  • 7-piece plastic AC fuel line disconnect tools(1/4’’, 1/2’’, 5/16’’, 5/8’’, 3/8’’, 3/4’’, 7/8’’)
  • 4-piece AC spring lock couplings disconnect tools(red 3/8″, black 5/8″, blue 1/2″, white 3/4’’)
  • 1-piece scissor type remover(3/8’’&5/16”),and other removers for Ford, GM.
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