Oil Absorption Pads – Pack of 20

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SKU: LT-5713


Oil Absorption Pads – Pack of 20

Oil Absorption Pads – Pack of 20 by Laser Tools. Made from strong, tear resistant polypropylene for fast soak-up, of up to 0.6 litres of liquid. Designed for all oil-based liquids, including engine oil, lubricants, petrol and diesel, with hydrophobic technology, pads will not absorb water. Each pad is 500mm x 400mm and 2mm thick and is pre-cut so the pad can easily be divided into two if a smaller pad is required. The pads can be used indoors around machinery and car engines to catch leaks, drips and spills, they can also be used to soak up oil sheens off the surface of water. The mats are white so it is easy to see any spills and monitor saturation levels. Supplied in a pack of twenty.

  • Oil only absorption pads. Pad size: 500mm x 400mm x 2mm. Pack of 20.
  • Will absorb petrol & diesel. Will not absorb water but will float and absorb spills on water.
  • 100% polypropylene construction. Pre-cut for dividing pad into two pieces if required.
  • Absorbency 0.6L per pad.


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