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Oil Funnel Kit

Oil Funnel Kit by Laser Tools. Complete with a set of nine caps sized for common vehicle makes and models. Features a 1100ml capacity, 90mm diameter bottle style funnel for fast-filling and a screw cap design that forms a tight seal to the engine for a cleaner, hands-free re-fill. The caps are colour-coded and labeled with the vehicle make for easy identification. There is an angle adaptor for tight spaces and a lid to limit dirt getting inside the engine. A useful set for spill-free oil filling in the professional workshop.

  • 9 different sized caps, suitable for oil ports of the majority of vehicles. Angle adaptor is included, ideal for working in tight spaces.
  • Applications: Toyota, Lexus, Scion (yellow cap); Honda, Nissan (green cap); Subaru (red cap); Volvo, Ford, Mazda (light blue cap); Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VAG (maroon cap); Toyota (orange cap); Mazda (grey cap); Audi, VAG (brown cap); Kia, Hyundai (dark blue cap).
  • Threaded, rubber seal caps provide a secure connection to the tank for convenient hands free operation.
  • Funnel size: 225 x 112 x 95mm; max capacity: 1100ml. Double scale: ml & quart.
  • Funnel features a protective lid, limiting dust, as well as providing safe storage for components when not in use.


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