Kamasa 7-Drawer Toolbox with 7-Drawer Tools

 1,790.00 + VAT

SKU: K 10771-7


Kamasa 7-Drawer Toolbox with 7-Drawer Tools

Kamasa 7-Drawer Toolbox with 7-Drawer Tools. Sturdy construction with shock absorbers for all corners. The drawers are fully extendable with sturdy, ball-bearing runners.

  • All drawers are locked with central locking, and they also have transport locking in the closed position to ensure that the cabinet can be moved without the drawers sliding out.
  • Large, ball-bearing castors (PP), two of which have braking function, 125x50mm.
  • Heavy-duty rubber mat for the work surface and thinner mats included for all drawers.
  • All drawers are endurance tested at a 30 kg load for 50,000 cycles
  • The trolley is endurance tested at a 300 kg load via a 20 km drum test with obstacle.

Tool Drawers Content:

Drawer #1: K 26053  K 26057  K 26054

Drawer #2: K 26040 K 26041 K 26044

Drawer #3: K 26058 K 26074 K 26073

Drawer # 4: K 26050 K 26051 K 26048

Drawer #5: K 26043  K 26045  K 26047

Drawer #6: K 26052  K 26061 K 26063

Drawer #7: K 26046 K 26150 K 26182

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