Combustion Gas Leak Tester Kit

 49.00 + VAT

SKU: WT04A4052


Combustion Gas Leak Tester Kit

Combustion gas leak tester kit by Toolwarehouse. Set for testing leaks in head gasket without removing engine cylinder head by testing presence of CO2 in cooling system.

  • Includes US-made CO2 tester fluid
  • Tester fluid changes from blue to green or yellow if CO2 is present in coolant
  • Provided with a rubber adapter and three test caps for fitting most radiator filler necks
  • Rubber bulb helps draw vapor from radiator into test chambers
  • Tester fluid with MSDS and SVHC compliance

*Test Fluid NOT included in set. For liquid please see 250ml Combustion Leak Detector Fluid by Sealey.


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