Master Common Rail High Pressure Tester

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SKU: WT04A3100D


Master Common Rail High Pressure Tester

Master common rail high pressure tester by Toolwarehouse that serves to check the high pressure pump / high pressure system when starting or running.

  • High pressure analog test with multiple connection lines
  • Meter scale reads from 0-2000bar
  • Built-in pressure relief valve that limits the maximum pressure to approximately 1500 bar to prevent damage to the test or vehicle
  • Supplied with two sets of ultra flexible hoses, allowing connection in areas of difficult access


Item Description Specifications
1 Gauge 0-2000bar
2 Flexible hoses lenght (4x) 500mm flexibles
3 Hoses Conection M12x1.5 (2x), M14x1.5 (2x)
4 Injector pipe blanks M12x1.5 (6x), M14x1.5 (6x)
5 Diesel waste bottle
Dummy regulators   A-Bosch CP1

  B-Bosch CP3

  C-Delphi DFP1/DFP3

  D-Denso HP3

  E-Denso HP1/HP2

  F-Siemens DCP2

  G-Siemens DCP1

  H-Siemens sockets

  I-Siemens DCP1 e DCP2

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