New-generation AlignADAS

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    New-generation AlignADAS

    New-generation AlignADAS by Sunshine. AlignADAS S700 integrates two functions of wheel alignment and ADAS calibration, which is not only fully realizes the function of alignment, but also the calibration of vehicle’s LDW, ACC and other head sensors. It realizes the function of visual straightening and truly achieves the perfect integration of wheel alignment and ADAS calibration system.

    ① *New generation 6.0 wheel alignment software
    *Visual ADAS calibration straightening function
    *Professional adjustment accessories guide function
    *Touch screen, swivel arm can rotate freely

    ② High Precision Industrial Camera
    *High-strength one-piece aluminum beam
    *Double linear guideway design, the height of the beam can be raised and lowered smoothly

    ③ *The sliding table assembly moves left and right smoothly
    *Flexible installation of numerous ADAS calibration tools
    *Millimeter-level fine-tuning knob for easy device straightening

    ④ *The whole can be moved, one machine with multiple stations
    *Integrated electronic control unit + Overvoltage protector, double protection equipment for electrical safety
    *Three-point torsion wheel support seat stable and firm

    ⑤ *Patented 3-point clamp with higher mechanical precision
    *Highest level IPX8 waterproof and oil resistant target board
    *Clamps moving trolley is convenient for overall movement
    *Equipped with wireless mouse and keyboard for easy operation at any workstation

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