Professional Automatic Tyre Changer STC978

 3,900.00 + VAT



Professional Automatic Tyre Changer STC978

Professional Automatic Tyre Changer STC978 by Sunshine Automotive Lifts.

  • Automatic dismounting head instead of crowbar, equipped with plastic protective pad to protect the rim better.
  • Pneumatic faster locking device without turntable, taking only one second to tighten the tire, more easily and conveniently.
  • Motor controlled by Continuously Variable Transmission for 220V specification, improve working efficiency and lower the noise.
  • With backward-style column, right assistant arm design.
  • Pulsed inflating system, making the inflation speed faster.
  • Advanced bead breaker with universal device, protecting the rim better.
  • Pneumatic cylinder with tower shape spring to absorb air from one direction, back to original position in 3 second, more powerful and stonger.
  • Foot pedal with pulling design, more convenient for repair and service.
  • Lifting trolley to reduce labor consumption.
  • Pneumatic control of hexagonal bar saving time and labor.
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