Truck Transmission Jack 1Ton

 420.00 + VAT

SKU: TE10001
  • Capacity: 1TON
  • Min. Height: 210mm
  • Max. Height: 780mm


Truck Transmission Jack 1Ton

Truck Transmission Jack 1Ton offers smooth hydraulic lifting and lowering. Its special features include a 360-degree rotating handle and an adjustable head and saddle. The saddle allows full side to side and front and back adjustment.

For every day garage service to heavy-duty industrial use. Adjustable head tilts forward, back, and side to side.

  • A wide chassis for load distribution and stability
  • Integrated chassis trays that holds tools and hardware
  • Four conveniently located grab handles for jack repositioning
  • Pump handle rotates 360 degrees for operation from any direction
  • Slow controlled lowering of load by a conveniently located release valve knob


  • Capacity: 1TON
  • Min. Height: 210mm
  • Max. Height: 780mm
  • Saddle size: 180x200mm
  • Base size: 900x492mm
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