Workshop Vice Jaw Inserts

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Workshop Vice Jaw Inserts

Workshop Vice Jaw Inserts by Laser Tools. Designed for use with a workshop vice. Polished or coated vehicle parts from unnecessary marring usually associated with steel vice jaws. A useful addition to any workshop but of particular interest to motorcycle workshops, because so much of the mechanics of the motorcycle are visible all the time (for example motorcycle forks etc.) alloy vice jaws help prevent these parts from unsightly damage and scratching during service and repair. Also ideal for fabrication workshop when the work piece needs to be protected.

  • Non-marring alloy jaws with three machined openings from 7 to 15mm, for holding threaded parts, shafts or work pieces with rounded edges without damage.
  • Sprung loaded to help keep them in the vice, freeing both hands to operate the vice and hold the work piece.
  • Size: 110mm x 25mm.
  • Essential workshop tool for motorcycle, body work, general vehicle workshops and garages.
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