Bearing extractor set

 95.00 + VAT

Available on: 20/05/2024
SKU: WT04J1013D
Available on: 20/05/2024


Bearing extractor set

Bearing extractor set is a 16 Piece Universal Blind Hole Puller Kit extra large expanding collets internal pull type bearings like pilot and needle bearings

  • This puller will remove blind housing bearings without the need to dismantle machinery. Remove the running shaft. Split collect design works with perfectly with blind bearings
  • Chrome Plated Slide Hammer
  •  Threaded adapters: M8 x 1.25p, M10x 1.5p M6 x 1.0p
  • Split Collet Type Blind – Internal Puller consisting of 10 Collets (all 50MM long reach)
  • Collets sizes: 8mm-11mm, 12mm-17mm, 18mm-23mm, 24mm-29mm, 30mm-34mm, 34mm-38mm, 39mm-43mm, 44mm-48mm, 49mm-53mm, 54mm – 58mm
  • Collets are placed in the bore of the item or bushing, then expanded with the actuator pin so that the lips of the collet secure to the item or bush’s radius surface.
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